SmartHarvest is the modular ripening management control system which optimises the precision, efficiency and scale of fruit ripening facilities.

SmartHarvest controllers are totally configurable by the user to suit individual ripening techniques and ripening room configurations.

SmartHarvest offers a range of user interfaces for programming the fruit ripening rooms or any other SmartHarvest controller device within a facility

Watch the interactive demonstration video to discover how this unique, intelligent system integrates state-of-the-art technologies.


SmartHarvest offers a range of sensors/controllers and user interfaces specifically designed to manage the fruit ripening process within ripening facilities.

The SmartHarvest solution is modular, with customisable programme logic for bespoke ripening applications, so it can be adapted to any type of ripening room. Individual controllers and sensors or fully operational (plug and play) control panels can be supplied.

For optimum efficiency and performance, a SmartHarvest solution is based on a survey of existing facilities (for retro-fitting) or new facilities (from plan or on-site).

Click to enlarge the infographic opposite and view how the SmartHarvest solution compares with conventional, less effective control methods for fruit ripening.

    A typical plant overview

A typical plant overview
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