SmartHarvest is the modular ripening management control system which optimises the precision, efficiency and scale of fruit ripening facilities.

SmartHarvest controllers are totally configurable by the user to suit individual ripening techniques and ripening room configurations.

SmartHarvest offers a range of user interfaces for programming the fruit ripening rooms or any other SmartHarvest controller device within a facility

Watch the interactive demonstration video to discover how this unique, intelligent system integrates state-of-the-art technologies.


Smart Harvest System Design

System Design
Smartharvest can provide a full system design for either a new installation or retrofitting to an existing facility. We provide all the necessary installation drawings to make the process as easy as possible.
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Smart Harvest Complete Electrical Panel Solutions

Complete Electrical Panel Solutions
Smartharvest can design and supply complete electrical panels incorporating Smartharvest controllers based on any configuration of ripening room or generic coldstorage area. We work closely with the end user to insure all requirements are met. This provides for a very straightforward plug and play installation improving on overall installation time.
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Smart Harvest Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring
Smartharvest can offer a 24/7 remote monitoring service from our in-house monitoring team. This service can be used for general fault monitoring. Furthermore, our monitoring team are fully qualified engineers who can quickly and efficiently identify any potential faults from within a ripening room or refrigeration plant for minimal downtime.
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Smart Harvest Controllers
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